Chicago Folk and Roots festival

Footage of the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival at Welles Park. Includes conversations with attendees and musicians, as well as the entire set of a band's performance.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

0:15Copy video clip URL Shaky footage of people on a makeshift stage under a large tent

0:45Copy video clip URL Shot of the floor.

1:19Copy video clip URL A man begins to play a drum as others in the background dance.

2:20Copy video clip URL More footage of the dancers and the audience.

3:05Copy video clip URL Palazzolo talks to John, who is 80 years old and has won medals for 50-meter dash, golf, soft ball, and bowling in the senior olympics.

5:22Copy video clip URL Palazzolo tells a little girl that she has a nice dog.

5:33Copy video clip URL Footage of a crowd seated on the grass in Welles Park waiting for the folk concert to start. 47th Ward Alderman Gene Schulter is introduced over the loudspeaker, he says hello, and then the footage cuts.

6:00Copy video clip URL A woman shows a group of children her iguana.

7:27Copy video clip URL A boy shows the camera man his light-up devils horns.

8:00Copy video clip URL People dance and listen to a band playing music under a tent. The camera periodically zooms in on individual people.

13:10Copy video clip URL Shot of a man on crutches outside.

13:18Copy video clip URL Camera follows and older woman carrying two bags.

13:40Copy video clip URL Palazzolo talks to a woman blowing bubbles.

14:27Copy video clip URL A band sets up for their performance on the Old Town School Stage. The lead, Russell, talks about how their band works and introduces Palazzolo to different members of the makeshift band.

19:40Copy video clip URL Palazzolo and Russell talk to a little boy.

21:00Copy video clip URL The band warms up and waits for band members to arrive.

24:33Copy video clip URL The band finally begins to play. Close ups of the lead singer and the audience.

29:14Copy video clip URL First song ends.

29:43Copy video clip URL Band begins another song. Close ups and shaky shots of the band and lead singer who proceeds to ham it up.

35:39Copy video clip URL Second song ends.

35:55Copy video clip URL Band starts their third song (audio is extremely fuzzy).

38:20Copy video clip URL Lead singer jokes during the song.

43:57Copy video clip URL Third song ends, and the band leaves the stage. The camera follows.

44:40Copy video clip URL Palazzolo talks to Russell, the bass clarinetist, and several more of the band’s members in front of an Alderman Gene Schulter tent.

46:00Copy video clip URL Russell talks to Palazzolo about his filming experience.

49:27Copy video clip URL Palazzolo talks to little girls playing in the dirt.

50:40Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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