[Once A Star raw: Bobby and Dennis Hull #7]

This tape is comprised of a short interview segment with hockey legend Bobby Hull, as well as some b-roll of Bobby and brother Dennis Hull skating and shooting around an ice rink. In the interview, Hull gives insight into the fleeting nature of playing on a hockey team, his relationship with his brother Dennis, and his current career in the cattle business. It was shot for the documentary Once A Star.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:19Copy video clip URL Bobby Hull jokes with the crew, telling off-the-cuff stories about his ex-teammates, including an anecdote about former Chicago Blackhawk and hockey great Pierre Pilote.

01:26Copy video clip URL Hull speaks about the fleeting nature of being on a hockey team. “You get together for a short period of time to win the hockey game.” He goes on to explain that he believes that the closest-knit team he’s played on was the Winnipeg Jets, as Hull was able to recruit the players himself. To him, “good hearts and good heads” in addition to a team-motivated state of mind were of paramount importance and informed his decisions about which players to sign.

03:52Copy video clip URL Though he had a good relationship with many of his teammates, Hull states that he only keeps in close contact with a few of them, counting Ron Murphy, Stan Mikita, Tony Esposito, Keith Magnuson, Pierre Pilote and brother Dennis Hull among his circle of friends.

05:06Copy video clip URL Hull, famous for his patented slap shot, states that his brother Dennis had a bit of an edge on him, power-wise during their playing days. “Brother Dennis could shoot the puck harder than anyone I ever saw.” This leads him into an anecdote about a time when he and Dennis were playing against the Montreal Canadiens at Chicago Stadium, and Dennis Hull shot a slap shot past the goalie, hitting the glass. Bobby Hull claims that the puck hit the glass so hard, it bored a hole through it, landing on a fan’s lap before the glass shattered completely.

06:22Copy video clip URL Hull describes the difference between he and his brother’s slap shots, stating that Dennis’s shot was “hard and heavy”, dangerous to the point where he jokes that teammate Glenn Hall would refuse to stand in the goal when Dennis was shooting. His own shot, Hull says, had less power behind it, as accuracy was his primary concern.

06:59Copy video clip URL Hull talks about his relationship with his brother Dennis, saying that because there is a difference of 6 years between them, the two of them were never very close. “Dennis and I didn’t really know one another.” It wasn’t until Dennis was signed to the Chicago Blackhawks, Bobby says, that the two of them interacted on a regular basis. Though he gave Dennis advice when he asked for it, Hull explains that he always allowed him to “run his own show.” Since the two of them retired, Hull says, Dennis and Bobby Hull are closer than ever.

09:14Copy video clip URL Regarding his cattle business, Hull discusses the ways in which he raises and breeds Polled Hereford cattle and bulls. He also brings up a company that he’s involved with, Ciba-Geigy, a Swiss pesticide manufacturing company based out of Canada. Hull then explains that the company also produces a product called bovaid, small cattle tags designed to keep flies away from the cattle, which he promotes and sells around the country.

11:19Copy video clip URL End of interview.

11:20Copy video clip URL B-roll of Dennis Hull skating up and back on the hockey rink.

12:54Copy video clip URL “Happy birthday, Dennis,” someone yells from the stands as Hull skates by. “Hey, thanks!” he replies, and skates on.

13:14Copy video clip URL B-roll of Bobby Hull taking some practice shots at the goal while skating around the rink.

17:15Copy video clip URL Dennis and Bobby Hull line up to shoot a few slap shots at the goal.

18:15Copy video clip URL Dennis and Bobby Hull take turns shooting at the goal.

18:29Copy video clip URL Dennis and Bobby Hull pass the puck back and forth to each other, before Bobby takes the puck and shoots a goal into the net.

18:51Copy video clip URL Dennis and Bobby Hull continue taking turns shooting at the goal.

20:53Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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