[Once a Star raw : Floyd Patterson #10]

This tape features raw footage of an interview with boxing legend Floyd Patterson (1935-2006) at a boxing arena in Atlantic City. Taped for the 1985 television series "Once A Star." Patterson talks about his legendary boxing career and his schooling in Brooklyn, New York.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

01:02Copy video clip URL Floyd Patterson, interviewed at a boxing arena in Atlantic City, begins to tell a story about a time when he left a fight in disguise. Patterson has never liked a lot of attention. When he lost a boxing match to Sonny Liston, he felt so ashamed over letting his fans down that he left the venue in disguise. “I’ve learned one thing out of being ashamed, took me a lot of years… never be ashamed of being ashamed, you know, because we’re all human. None of us are special.” Patterson goes on to talk about his general frame of mind and the sport of boxing.

04:33Copy video clip URL Interviewer Joel Cohen asks Patterson where his gentlemanly qualities stem from. He briefly talks about being a gentleman before going on to talk about developing a love for Sweden after losing a bout to Ingemar Johansson.

07:17Copy video clip URL Patterson explains his philosophy of life as the camera zooms in on the boxing ring behind him. Producer Tom Weinberg asks Patterson about his current lifestyle. Patterson travels around the country for a variety of boxing related events, running a gymnasium for young men in New York City, is Boxing Commissioner of the city, and spends time with his family. Weinberg asks Patterson a question about the wealth he earned from his boxing career. Patterson responds, “Well, I have learned through experience, through all of my experiences in life, never to talk about money. All I’ll say is I’m comfortable. I’ll say no more.”

10:30Copy video clip URL Patterson talks about the lack of quality competitors in modern boxing. For many fighters, he finds, “The love is not there any more like it used to be.” He goes on to say that his favorite fighters are his son and Marvin Hagler.

13:00Copy video clip URL Patterson talks about his in-ring and daily life personae. “I’ve always liked to be a part of people and when you have done something special… it’s very difficult to be a part of society because everybody looks at you. I prefer being with the people looking at somebody else.”

14:55Copy video clip URL Patterson talks about the profound effect his mentor in grammar school had on him. His teacher, Miss Vivian Costen, gave Patterson the confidence and direction he needed to succeed. He talks about his school career in great detail, and shares a story about a time in which Costen gave Patterson a significant boost of confidence.

19:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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