[Once a Star raw : Floyd Patterson #11]

This tape features raw footage of an interview with boxing legend Floyd Patterson (1935-2006) taped for the 1985 television series "Once A Star." Patterson talks about keeping in shape after retirement and having bigger hands than Muhammad Ali. Shot in Atlantic City, NJ.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:54Copy video clip URL Patterson in the Atlantic City boxing arena. Interviewer Joel Cohen begins by asking him about keeping in shape after leaving the sport of boxing nearly thirteen years ago. Patterson explains that it has become habit and that he has been consistently exercising since he was fourteen years old. After first quitting boxing, Patterson stopped exercising and began to feel ill. The doctor recommended that Patterson slowly wean himself off of exercise. However, Patterson kept exercising because he enjoys it, and has run six marathons in the past three years. He also states that he still gets in the ring to spar with his students.

03:44Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg asks Patterson if he’s suffered any long-term injuries. Patterson states that he was very fortunate to have both a strong defense and offense and therefore did not get hit half as much as some of his counterparts. He then talks about his boxing technique in great detail. Patterson goes on to label boxing as a “revenge sport.” “But revenge right then and there, not tomorrow or the next day, right then and there. You hit me, it may take me a round or two, but I’m going to get you back.” Patterson then further explains his boxing philosophy.

07:36Copy video clip URL Patterson is asked about “boxing hands.” Patterson then displays his extremely thick hands and states that he has bigger hands than Muhammad Ali. He says that the thinner the hands of a fighter, the worse off he’ll be in boxing.

09:29Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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