[Once a Star raw: Floyd Patterson #13]

This tape features of a boxing match in Atlantic City, shot for the 1986 series "Once a Star." One of the fighters is Tracy Harris Patterson, son of boxing legend Floyd Patterson (1935-2006), who is also Tracy's coach.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars, tone and tape identification.

00:53Copy video clip URL The tape opens as Floyd Patterson and his son, Tracy Harris, head from the dressing rooms into the boxing arena. Tracy enters the ring, and Patterson prepares him for the fight. His opponent also prepares in the opposite corner.

03:53Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, an emcee introduces the fight by announcing the fighters and their weights. The camera is situated close to the ring.

05:10Copy video clip URL The camera cuts, Patterson tells Tracy to do the best he can before the bell rings. The camera focuses on Patterson’s face as he watches the fight. The only audio is yelling from the crowd.

08:02Copy video clip URL The bell rings, and Patterson climbs into the ring to coach Tracy.

09:03Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, the camera has moved to a higher spot to get a better view of the ring. The camera briefly finds Patterson in the crowd, before continuing to watch the fight. Each time the bell rings, Patterson climbs into the ring to give Tracy strategies on how to approach the next round. The rest of the tape covers the fight.

19:16Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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