[Once a Star raw: NBA Legends #13 Dallas]

Raw footage for the 1986 television special "Once a Star" in Dallas during the 1986 NBA All-Star Weekend. This tape is a continuation of an interview with television executive Bob Wussler (1936-2010).

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone. Producer Tom Weinberg and Wussler can be heard talking in the background.

00:32Copy video clip URL Wussler says he likes the pressure of having TV ratings. “I think the curse of network broadcasting is that they’re rated 365 days or thereabouts twenty-four hours a day. They’re always pressured to do something that is going to be more popular than necessarily good.” Wussler then continues to talk about the struggle in showcasing quality content. “The business… is in circulation. We are paid ultimately for the number of people we bring to the set.” Wussler then states that numbers are less revealing in the cable business.

02:43Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Wussler about satellite television and urban radio. Wussler goes on to talk about the profits of specific channels, including CNN, HBO, Cinemax, and others. When asked if there will be more channels in the near future, Wussler says that the number is infinite. “I think in the next five years, there probably could be another five national basic cable services.” Wussler talks about the subject in detail.

10:27Copy video clip URL Wussler and Weinberg talk about the changes in television. Wussler labels the industry as “passive” and goes on to describe the financial aspects of television. “Things can always be more profitable. You can always make more money. You can always fire one more person, do one less story, run one more sitcom that you paid less for. Those skills are very much in demand.”

15:04Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Wussler about the network principle for television programming and the conflict between creators and networks. Wussler talks about the partnerships he has formed with producers while at WTBS. The two go on to talk about the infusion of new talent into the television industry. Wussler also talks about his television career and his partnership with Ted Turner.

21:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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