[Once a Star raw: NBA Legends #9 Dallas]

Raw footage for the 1986 television special "Once a Star" from the NBA Legends basketball game during the 1986 All-Star Weekend. Walt Bellamy (1939-) is interviewed.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:35Copy video clip URL Walt Bellamy is interviewed about the Legends game. When asked if he’s getting too old for the game, Bellamy states, “There are no old basketball players. They are truly legends.”

02:00Copy video clip URL Bellamy talks about the physical and mental demands of basketball, and the resilience of basketball players. Producer Tom Weinberg then talks about Bellamy being a part of the first class of seven foot basketball players and whether the game has changed for younger players. “The game of basketball now has become one of specialty… There will not be that much drastic change in terms of the young kids that come out and the ones that are currently playing now, because I don’t see that much transition in the game as we know professional basketball.”

04:26Copy video clip URL Bellamy talks about his current work as a Director of Special Events for the National Scholarship Service for Negro Students, then goes on to talk about his upbringing and schooling. Bellamy briefly talks about his college experience, during which he scraped by on $15 a month throughout his four years in college. He then goes on to talk about his work at the National Scholarship Service and about his children.

07:22Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg talks about Bellamy’s dominating moments during basketball and asks whether there is anything in life that substitutes for the “basketball high.” Bellamy goes on to talk about some of the players also participating in the Legends game.

11:50Copy video clip URL Bellamy elaborates on the symbiotic relationship between the NBA players and the fans. Shortly afterward, Weinberg speaks with one of the players about John Mengelt. The player jokes that he doesn’t remember Mengelt, but later goes on to compliment him.

16:16Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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