[Once a Star raw: Phoenix, Arizona #2]

Raw footage for the television series "Once a Star." Former Chicago Cubs players Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins coach a group of children on the art of hitting and pitching. The players also recite introductions for "Once a Star."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:37Copy video clip URL Fergie Jenkins showcases his pitching techniques to a large group of children and their fathers on a baseball field. The children are gathered around the pitcher’s mound, listening to Jenkins as he describes the proper pitching technique. He gives pitcher William Fowler as an example of incorrect pitching technique. One of the fathers asks Jenkins to define a “balk.” The fathers end up having more questions than the children. Jenkins goes on to say that the pitcher controls the pace of the game. “If you’re a pitcher, you control the ball game at all times. If you understand that, you’ll never get nervous. Even if a guy hits a triple then you walk the next two guys and the bases are loaded with nobody out, why be nervous? You control the game. You control your own destiny.”

06:29Copy video clip URL Ed Kranepool of the ’69 Mets prepares to speak with the group of children.

06:40Copy video clip URL In the distance, Billy Williams coaches a group of children on the proper batting stance. He talks about some of his accomplishments and goals as a player. Winning the Rookie of the Year award in 1961, especially, gave Williams a lot of motivation to improve his playing. He shares a story about how he and Fergie Jenkins wrote down their season goals and placed them in an envelope in their lockers to illustrate the importance of setting goals. Williams then talks about bat selection.

11:29Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of an airplane flying overhead.

11:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Glenn Beckert talking to a group of children who are thrilled over the presence of the cameras.

13:34Copy video clip URL Glenn Beckert, Gene Oliver and Randy Hundley each introduce themselves for the camera. Producer Tom Weinberg asks both men about running baseball camps for adults in Arizona. The two talk about the upcoming game against the ’69 Mets and go into more detail about the baseball camps. They reminisce about a few good times they shared while on the team together.

20:18Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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