[Once a Star raw: Phoenix, Arizona #4]

This tape features footage of the '69 Chicago Cubs and New York Mets teams at a cocktail party in honor of the "Dream Game '86." Cubs Announcer Jack Brickhouse introduces the entire Cubs roster at a cocktail party. Shot for the television special "Once A Star."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:37Copy video clip URL Cut to a speaker at the cocktail party. This quickly cuts over to an introduction for Chicago Cubs Announcer Jack Brickhouse.

01:21Copy video clip URL Brickhouse takes the podium and begins his speech, which focuses on the ’69 season: “And thank heaven we had the year that we had, even though it was a heartbreak finish, but nevertheless, the one we’re talking about this weekend is still one of the most positive memories we’ll ever know.”

02:49Copy video clip URL Brickhouse acts as an emcee, introducing most of the players, managers, coaches, and officials involved with the Dream Game, entertaining the crowd with his humorous banter and sly commentary. Brickhouse introduces the entire Mets and Cubs rosters. The tape cuts in and out during this portion of the tape.

16:50Copy video clip URL Former MLB pitcher and umpire Tom Gorman takes the podium and addresses the crowd. He says a few nice words about Brickhouse before commenting on the tenacity of each team participating in the game. “On the field, they’ll knock your brains out, the way the game should be played. In our profession, there’s only one way to play the game, and Leo will tell you, the name of the game is to win.” Gorman begins to talk about the relationship between baseball players and umpires.

20:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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