[Once a Star raw: Phoenix, Arizona #9]

This tape features a continuation of footage from the '69 Chicago Cubs and New York Mets teams at "Dream Game '86," shot for the television series "Once A Star."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:35Copy video clip URL Cubs pitcher Rich Nye (#32) (1944-) at the mound throwing pitches. He quickly becomes out of breath. The camera remains focused on Nye, and the batters are not visible. An announcer and a cheering crowd can be heard in the background.

01:41Copy video clip URL One of the Mets players hits a home run off of Nye. Nye smiles, shrugs it off and continues to pitch. The left channel cuts out briefly during this portion of the tape.

06:32Copy video clip URL The Cubs finally close out the inning. Nye makes his way back to the dugout, where producer Tom Weinberg briefly interviews him about his pitching. Nye drinks a beer and says, “But you know something? It’s like riding a bike, though. Just like you, you find the plate.”

09:17Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Bill Hands (1940-) and Billy Williams (1938-) as they leave a water cooler at the mound for pitcher Phil Regan (1937-). The camera zooms in on Regan as he throws pitches.

11:49Copy video clip URL Cut to a short interview with Fergie Jenkins (1942-). Jenkins talks about Regan’s spit ball technique and states that he was the “best spitter ball pitcher” in the 1960s. “He’d always have it concealed pretty good… When you go to war you gotta take all your tools.” Jenkins then talks about his cattle farm in Canada. The other players in the dugout cheer loudly.

14:35Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Leo Durocher (1905-1991) in the dugout attentively watching the game. The crowd sings during the seventh inning stretch.

16:23Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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