One in a Million

A portrait of gun control activist Mary Leigh Blek, whose son was killed by gunfire, produced for the Million Mom March.

01:26Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “Million Mom March: Sensible Gun Laws, Safe Kids presents One In a Million”

01:56Copy video clip URL Mary Leigh Blek talks about her 21-year-old son Matthew’s death by gunfire.

04:07Copy video clip URL Blek testifies before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and discusses other political events and actions. 

04:47Copy video clip URL Discussion of the Million Mom March Youth Council. Young people talk about the grief and fear in their lives because of gun deaths. 

06:38Copy video clip URL The need to involve young people in the movement for responsible gun legislation. 

07:35Copy video clip URL The need for the movement to serve as a support group for mothers as well as a political advocacy group. 

09:25Copy video clip URL Blek speaks with reporters about the goals of her advocacy. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Blek faces pro-gun activists and discusses hateful calls that she’s received. She places those in the context of her son’s death. 

11:55Copy video clip URL Discussion of the production of “junk guns”: Saturday Night Specials. The low-quality, easily-concealed guns of the type that killed Blek’s son will be eliminated thanks to Blek’s advocacy. 

13:33Copy video clip URL End credits. “In Memory of Matthew Blek, 1972-1994.”



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