[Open House pilot]

Witness the whimsical, wild, and whacky pilot for the show, "Open House"!

0:02Copy video clip URL The footage begins. 

0:28Copy video clip URL The opening title card is shown. 

0:33Copy video clip URL The cast of the show are introduced. 

0:53Copy video clip URL The hosts of the show are introduced. 

1:12Copy video clip URL One of the hosts announces that this is the first episode. 

3:20Copy video clip URL A number of kids are introduced onto the show. 

4:57Copy video clip URL One of the hosts tries to bribe one of the kids with money, in exchange for the kid eating caviar. 

7:37Copy video clip URL The kids get to pick from an assortment of snack foods to eat – courtesy of the hosts. 

9:04Copy video clip URL A title card with a photo of a massive medieval European castle is shown. 

13:27Copy video clip URL An actress and an actor playing neighbors arrive on the show. 

15:26Copy video clip URL A title card with a photo of the Pyramids of Giza is shown. 

15:33Copy video clip URL One of the hosts prepares to introduce a new guest to interview on the show. 

22:34Copy video clip URL A montage of comedic “home movies” are shown. 

26:20Copy video clip URL Another interview guest on the show is introduced. 

29:19Copy video clip URL A short comedic sketch about criminals begins. 

38:06Copy video clip URL The show comes back to the kids from before – this time showing the snacks they each made. 

42:4o The footage ends. 




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