[Operation Rescue: Tape 2]

Raw documentary footage by Bill Stamets chronicling Rev. Keith Tucci and Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion group, on tour in Minneapolis. This tape features a church service that centers on a pro-life/anti-abortion message.

00:04Copy video clip URL Footage of “Spoonbridge and Cherry” by Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

07:54Copy video clip URL Inside a church, the congregation prays and sings together. The camera focuses on mothers who are holding their children in their arms as they stand in the congregation. Many of them are also wearing Operation Rescue shirts.

21:10Copy video clip URL A Catholic priest talks about his experiences with Operation Rescue. He opens with the story of a young woman who had planned to get an abortion, but was deterred by people praying outside of the clinic. “Who knows, someday that child may be one of our presidents, maybe the head of a university, maybe the one who finds the cure for cancer, maybe a great missionary in Africa or South America, maybe one of the great leaders of our time…”

23:28Copy video clip URL The priest reads from “A Test Case for Pro-Life Christians,” which includes the story of young and unlucky mother for whom abortion seems to be the obvious choice. The unnamed mother turns out to be Mary, mother of Jesus. “Maybe you should re-think your pro-choice, pro-abortion position.”

28:08Copy video clip URL Two of the young women featured in Tape 1 update the congregation on their recent visits to Planned Parenthood and other local clinics.

31:10Copy video clip URL A speaker from Pro-Life Action Ministries addresses the congregation. He describes his own faith–born-again Roman Catholic–and talks about the history and mission of Operation Rescue. “We don’t need to outnumber the rest of the people in society, because we have the power of the living God.”

50:33Copy video clip URL The speaker leads the congregation in prayer.

58:00Copy video clip URL Stamets pans over anti-abortion picket signs for sale and “baby models” of 10-week-old fetuses in plastic eggs.



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