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This news segment covers a two-day anti-abortion protest staged by members of Operation Rescue in New York City.

0:03Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Brackett reports on an anti-abortion protest staged by members of Operation Rescue in New York City. Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, says that they have had thousands of arrests, which he uses to draw parallels between the pro-life and civil rights movements.

2:44Copy video clip URL The group faced fines and a permanent injunction if they went ahead with their planned demonstrations. Alfred Moran, head of Planned Parenthood of New York, believes that the group is violating the woman’s right to access to services, and that they “take the position that a fetus is more important than a woman”. While they have attracted media attention, he does not think that they will succeed in changing the law.

4:05Copy video clip URL A judge ordered that all the fines owed by Operation Rescue must be paid to pro-choice groups, which Terry has no intention of doing. They also do not intend to announce which abortion clinic will be the target of their demonstrations, complicating efforts to protect against the protesters.

6:11Copy video clip URL Operation Rescue volunteers met at St. Cyril’s before the protest, where Terry spoke to his supporters and urged them not to pass up any chance to “spend even the night in jail”.

7:32Copy video clip URL The protesters take to the street, eventually targeting a Planned Parenthood clinic. The volunteers would not cooperate with the authorities, and many had to be dragged away from the clinic by police officers.

10:34Copy video clip URL Brackett speaks to Lyn Bose, a patient at the clinic who has not yet been able to make her appointment because of the demonstration. A pro-choice group is holding a small counter-protest. The police slowly clear a path through the demonstration into the clinic.

13:52Copy video clip URL Hundreds of protestors were arrested over the two days of protests. Terry believes that Operation Rescue’s efforts have been successful.

15:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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