Paper Press

Documents the activities of a Chicago artist-run, non-profit organization fostering experimental hand papermaking and artists’ collaborations. Shows the process of making paper by hand. Includes interviews with co-directors Marilyn Sward, Linda Sorkin-Eisenberg and other artists. The video was made in three versions: English, Spanish and American Sign Language. (Note: Paper Press served as the proto-type for the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, established in 1993 with Marilyn Sward as its Director)

00:03Copy video clip URL Title card

00:11Copy video clip URL In voiceover, the introduction of Paper Press, where artists “make paper by hand and explore the potential of hand-formed paper as a medium for creating works of art.”

00:36Copy video clip URL An artist working with paper to create abstract, mixed-media works. 

01:13Copy video clip URL Marilyn Sward speaks about the “immediacy” of paper as a medium and its ability to draw people in. 

01:42Copy video clip URL More artists talk about their discovery of paper as a medium, comparing its qualities to those of other materials that they have used. 

02:29Copy video clip URL The making of paper, from cotton fiber to the creation of pigmentation. This is “rag paper” as opposed to the wood pulp paper that we customarily use. 

03:54Copy video clip URL Demonstration and explanation of the different forms that can be taken by this hand-formed paper. “We want paper that is unique, one-of-a-kind sheets of paper if we’re making sheets of paper.” 

05:26Copy video clip URL Sward discusses the origins of Paper Press. Their mission and the classes they’ve taught and the utility and fun of making paper both for children and for professional artists. 

06:50Copy video clip URL Artists working with paper as Sward discusses funding. 

07:17Copy video clip URL Artists coming to Paper Press looking to translate their ideas into a new medium. The lack of rules in the art of making paper and the natural creation of new techniques.

08:42Copy video clip URL End credits: “Directed & Edited by Eleanor Boyer. Appearing for Paper Press: Linda Sorkin-Eisenberg, Co-Director; Marilyn Sward, Co-Director; Sherry Healy, Board Chair. Collaboration Art: Terrance Karpowicz, Karl Wirsum, Claire Zeisler. Gallery Exhibit: Charles Barth. Special Thanks to: Harriet Hanson, Virginia Lizzo. Narration Script: Eleanor Boyer, Wayne Boyer. Camera: Blake Beckstrom. Lighting: Dave Pearson. Sound: Tim Robinson. Production Assistance: Debbie Hanson. This project is supported by grants from: The Illinois Arts Council – A State Agency, The Chicago Office of Fine Arts City Arts I Program – Made possible by the city of Chicago, the Illinois Arts Council, The MacArthur Foundation, The Woods Charitable Trust.”



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