[Parade 2 of 2 – Skateboard Park 1 of 2]

This video shows teenagers practicing and attempting tricks at a skateboard park.

0:01Copy video clip URL The video begins in a moving car driving through the woods in Whispering Pines, NC, while 6-year-old Jeffrey Verneuil describes the scenery outside to his uncle John Anderson, operating the camera, and to his mother Carol Verneuil, the driver.

6:48Copy video clip URL The video goes dark and reopens at a skateboard park full of teenagers practicing and attempting skateboard tricks in Southern Pines, NC.

11:51Copy video clip URL The video stops rolling, but restarts and returns to the man and child watching the skateboarders.

29:28Copy video clip URL Video stops, but audio continues.

29:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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