Parque Wilfredo Valenzuela (Español)

Olivia Valenzuela describe come la guardia somocista mató á su hermanito y como el entierro hizo levantarse el pueblo de Estelí. / Olivia Valenzuela describes how the Somozan Army killed her little brother and how the funeral lifted up the village of Estelí.

00:02Copy video clip URL Title and opening credits.

00:15Copy video clip URL In the house of the Valenzuela family, Olivia Valenzuela talks about her eleven-year-old brother, Wilfredo. She describes the situation at the time of Wilfredo’s death – the bad economy and the repression under the dictatorial rule had sparked many protests in the town. Her brother was involved in a child protest that had started near where the adults were protesting. The Somozan guard fired at the group of children, killing her brother. There was a protest immediately following Wilfredo’s death, which was infiltrated by Somozan collaborators, and another twelve people were wounded.

03:32Copy video clip URL The Somozan guard ignored the large protest that accompanied Wilfredo’s funeral because the 30,000 people at the protest would have overwhelmed them. After the burial, some of the protesters went to the city and burned down the house of one of the deputies in Esteli, which was believed to be the point of origin of the gunfire that wounded the earlier group of protesters.

04:48Copy video clip URL Valenzuela talks about her brother. She says that he had always been against the dictatorship, and that he always been quick to help the poor and disadvantaged.

06:28Copy video clip URL Closing credits, audio recording of children speaking and playing.

07:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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