[Partial birth abortions]

Brief news segment covering the banning of partial birth abortions in Nebraska. Explains the effects and shows interviews from both sides of the issue.

0:08Copy video clip URL Opens with shot of the Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska. Elizabeth Brackett starts the segment and introduces Dr. Leroy Carhart. Carhart talks about the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Nebraska’s ban of partial birth abortions and compares it to Roe v. Wade. Brackett explains Roe v. Wade and the backlash it caused.

1:14Copy video clip URL Footage from a moot court set up by Don Stenberg to practice their arguments. Stenberg clarifies the issue that the court is deciding on.

1:42Copy video clip URL Brackett gives more background on the case, including its precedence and further clarification of the law.

2:03Copy video clip URL Video drops out, but audio continues.

2:12Copy video clip URL Video back in.

2:26Copy video clip URL Carhart explains the procedure used in partial birth abortions and compares it to a similar procedure that is not banned by the law. Stenberg claims that the procedures are very different, but Carhart disagrees and explains what the effect of making his procedure illegal would be on his practice.

3:29Copy video clip URL Colleen Connell talks about the problems with reportedly banning only one form of abortion, and the language that these laws use which suggest a larger threat.

4:10Copy video clip URL Carhart shares his worries about the health of women who may need this procedure.

4:43Copy video clip URL Dave Maurstad talks about how and why he introduced the bill.

5:26Copy video clip URL Brackett details the importance of whether the law puts an “undue burden on a woman’s right to choose.” Janet Benshoof claims that it does, and Stenberg argues the opposite side.

6:21Copy video clip URL Carhart and Stenberg share their opinions on why this case is so important.

7:18Copy video clip URL End



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