Pattern Permutations / Homage to Albers / Roving Rectangles / Color Fields / Square Dance

A compilation of colorful abstract animations created with computers.

00:11Copy video clip URL Pattern Permutations, by Pat Lehman. 1979. Colors in shifting patterns of squares, scored by Terry Riley’s “A Rainbow in Curved Air”

10:11Copy video clip URL Homage to Albers. Abstract compositions of pulsating and shifting frames within frames, scored by “A Rainbow in Curved Air.” 

12:01Copy video clip URL Roving Rectangles, by Pat Lehman. 1979. Colored rectangles forming on top of each other, creating constantly-shifting abstract compositions. Scored by “A Rainbow in Curved Air.” 

16:31Copy video clip URL Color Fields. Flashing colors. Scored by “A Rainbow in Curved Air.” 

17:59Copy video clip URL Square Dance, by Pat Lehman. 1979. Colored pixels slowly build up into abstract patterns. Scored by Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians.” As described by the Los Angeles Times: “the artist pains kinetic abstractions with electrons. The piece begins with a few colored squares, scattered about a plain field, and grows to larger scale arrangements of overlapping rectangles. Sequences of flickering movement and changing color are impeccably orchestrated as squares become building blocks in handsome compositions.” 

25:22Copy video clip URL End of tape. 



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