[Paul Harvey cruise #2]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Audio of Paul Harvey radio show playing on car radio with video shot out the window as we drive.

0:00 POV shot from front of truck driving down the highway. Paul Harvey on radio gives weather report.

0:55 Commercial. Harvey reports on how low fat beef is actually very healthy and low in fat.

1:55 Report on archeological dig in England.

2:35 Report on the cost of living, which is going up. Reports that the economy is doing well.

3:40 Reports on how many deans of law schools have quit because they are very low paid compared to others at the universities.

4:10 Report on the robbery of many valuable paintings.

4:25 Report on a party at the White House where the President showed slides of himself and Gorbachev and made jokes.

5:05 Commercial for Roto-rooter.

5:18 Report on a restaurant in New York. A piece of escargot exploded in a woman’s eye.

6:10 Report on a man who became paralyzed by a hunting trip. Apparently Ann Landers diagnosed this problem incorrectly.

6:55 Many co nstruction businesses in New York are going out of business because of dues they have to pay to the mafia.

7:45 In St Paul MN three boys broke in to a cable TV station and exposed themselves on camera.

8:15 Commercial for Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Man talks about cattle futures.

9:30 Report on cable car crash in San Francisco.

9:45 Report on young boy who sells drugs.

10:00 Man who did the voice for many beloved cartoon characters, Charles Dawson, died of a heart attack.

10:35 Dan Marino’s wife gave birth to baby boy.

11:05 Man and wife are sharing a hospital room after both had heart surgery.

11:20 Truck driver won state lottery jackpot for second time.

11:45 Report on two crashes involving school buses, one in PN and one in Asia.

12:30 Commercial for Di-gel, an antacid.

13:23 In Seoul, South Kore a, students hurled bombs and demonstrated.

13:45 Young boy in Iowa fell three floors out of his building and came out unscathed.

14:00 Cute story about Bob Beniha, guy on other side of the glass from Harvey, getting in trouble with the Board of Health as a 7-year old for selling worms and lemonade in one stand.

14:55 Ad for Firestone.

15:25 Shot from back of van. We see oncoming traffic. No audio except wind noise.

21:54 End of tape.



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