[People for Community Recovery #7: Election]

This video follows Cheryl Johnson, a candidate for the Local Advisory Committee, as she walks around Altgeld Gardens on her election day.

0:00Copy video clip URL This picks up after the previous video (16505, PCR #6). The woman in the orange jacket, Cheryl Johnson, talks about her fellow running mates for the Local Advisory Council position. She talks to people on the street and asks if they have voted. She then points out liabilities around the community on her walk home with the videographers. The audio overwhelms at times and becomes staticky but this is temporary.

7:03Copy video clip URL The woman talks with one of her neighbors named Rose about the election for the benefit of her camera crew. She goes into her house briefly and picks up her daughter and they continue to walk around the neighborhood while Cheryl Johnson talks to people and tells them to vote.

15:37Copy video clip URL Johnson spends a lot of time talking to a woman named Shirley who invites her to the Local School Council meeting in a week or two. They talk politics for a while. The videographers ask them to move around to get different shots. She then goes on to the center so she can vote for herself.

31:50Copy video clip URL She meets up with some friends outside of the center. Johnson goes into the polling center and after this there is nothing of significance on the video as the recorder is placed on the floor.

42:04Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of the interior of the polling center before video cuts out soon after.

43:48Copy video clip URL Return to shot of Johnson and her daughter walking down a street in Altgeld Gardens. The camera is bobbing around knee level. There is a shot of an open door and very bright white light after before the brightness resolves to normal. Several people, especially children, peek into the open home. Johnson and her daughter continue wandering around the neighborhood. There is a shot of a dumpster that is maintained for a while, this seems to be a backdrop for several takes of Johnson walking. Soon after Johnson talks with some more women around the neighborhood.

58:54Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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