[People for Community Recovery #3: discussion]

A discussion by the People for Community Recovery, a far South-East Side based environmental activist group, in November of 1992. They talk about problems in their community of Altgeld Gardens.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on the videographer checking her equipment.

3:27Copy video clip URL Shot clarifies and the videographer asks the women in the room what the tape should be about. They talk about the drug problem, the education problem, and the unemployment problem. Several problems with their landlord are illustrated and they talk about where their money goes, problems with the landlord demanding rent earlier, and other rent related issues.

16:36Copy video clip URL The audio fluctuates much louder before settling and they continue talking about their issues. Soon after Judy Hoffman, the videographer, tries to get them to move out of the specific and into the general such that there’s some background. It becomes clear that they don’t know the actual role of the woman who is previously referred to as the landlord. They move on to talk about the change in times and how it’s led to laziness.

31:52Copy video clip URL Cut to the same room with a new woman in the room. They continue talking about issues in the community. “Poverty is a big business.” They talk about Reaganomics and how that made the situation of public housing worse. A major point of conversation is bringing working people back to the neighborhood. They also talk about the lack of men in the community and thus there are no male role models. The women talk about the fear of walking outside their community.

1:03:08Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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