Pedestrian Wavelength

A Super-8 silent film by Chuck Kleinhans that references the landmark experimental film by Michael Snow, "Wavelength." The film is composed primarily of a series of zooms inside an apartment in Logan Square accomplished by running or walking with the camera, and also features two cats and footage of the blizzard of 1979.

00:03Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Pedestrian Wavelength.” Camera opens on an apartment, filming the room and two cats. Moves between slow motion and accelerated speed, and color and grayscale. Footage of the window outside in different seasons.

6:28Copy video clip URL Zoom out from a TV screen in the middle of the room and playing the footage. Cut between static shots of the room again.

7:45Copy video clip URL Camera starts outside of the apartment and moves in through the window to a group of people eating and hanging out inside. “Chuck Kleinhans” credit. 

8:56Copy video clip URL End. 



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