[Pieces from hour III of Five Day Bicycle Race]

Pieces from the live broadcast of Five Day Bicycle Race, a documentary made at and about the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City. Most of this footage is from the studio, but it does include the segment in which Tom Weinberg and his cameraman attempt to gain entrance to a party thrown by Rolling Stone Magazine. It also includes a telephone poll that asks viewers if Rolling Stone represents their interests.

2:06Copy video clip URL Behind the screens footage of news broadcast. 

2:36Copy video clip URL There’s discussion about how news reporter was thrown out of Rolling Stones event. 

3:23Copy video clip URL The host is introduced to Margo St James, host and Margo speaks on the Counter Convention.  

4:58Copy video clip URL Host and Margo St. James speak on political happenings surrounding the National Democratic Convention.

6:30Copy video clip URL Margo talks about starting a platform for sexual privacy, explains the main reason for convening efforts is for a national campaign to decriminalize prostitution. 

8:15Copy video clip URL Street interviews with men who frequent sex workers. 

9:48Copy video clip URL Back at recording studio, discussions surrounding Rolling Stones event and it’s exclusivity.  

14:50Copy video clip URL Host poses a question to audience for them to call in to the studio.

15:00Copy video clip URL Hosts troubleshoot audience call-ins phone number.

17:56Copy video clip URL Video reporter back at Rolling Stones event attempts to enter and is blocked out by security.

19:02Copy video clip URL Camera view in some type of control room. 

19:30Copy video clip URL Video reporter is confronted by event security and asked to show credentials. 

20:30Copy video clip URL Voice over of video reporter at Rolling Stones event, more conversation is had around events security and exclusivity asking media outlets to leave.  

22:06Copy video clip URL Audio cuts out 

22:21Copy video clip URL Audio comes back 

23:33Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg is interviewed outside Rolling Stones event.

25:17Copy video clip URL Paul Newman enters Rolling Stones event.

25:41Copy video clip URL Doorman is monitoring who’s is trying to enter event, Congressman Burton enters event.  

26:20Copy video clip URL Back at record studio, this text appears on screen: “Does Rolling Stone represent your interests?” “Yes” 212-985-9944 “No” 985-9937 Votrak . 

26:58Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg speaks on Rolling Stones’ influence and connection with Jimmy Carter. 

27:36Copy video clip URL Host and Tom speak about Ron Kovic who was also trying to enter Rolling Stones event but was turned away. They share their experiences with Ron at Nixon’s acceptance speech.  

30:36Copy video clip URL Final results from question “Does Rolling Stone represent your interests?” “Yes” 212-985-9944 (348)  “No” 985-9937 (37)  

31:20Copy video clip URL Camera view changes to in studio call from woman. Two hosts.  

33:06Copy video clip URL B-roll, ride in taxi, Chinese parade. 

33:19Copy video clip URL Someone singing over a camera view of peanuts, a vote for Jimmy Carter poster is on the wall next to the nuts.  

34:25Copy video clip URL Video ends  



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