[Pledge night #1 Bob and Tom]

Off air recording of a WTTW pledge drive from 1980.

00:00Copy video clip URL Jerry Lee Lewis sings “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On” in old footage.

03:16Copy video clip URL Changing of channels, different programs start and end. Color goes in and out. Not important stuff.

04:29Copy video clip URL WTTW pledge-drive comes back. Host asks for callers.

08:12Copy video clip URL Two University of Chicago men talk inaudibly about the Darwin show. Host suggests there are audio problems and hawks for more money.

9:29Copy video clip URL University of Chicago panel members talk about Darwin jokingly.

12:00Copy video clip URL Host asks for more money before turning over to Charles Darwin program. Tape skips program, jumps to end credits, leading in to the pledge drive.

14:44Copy video clip URL Return to the pledge drive.

15:50Copy video clip URL Two professors banter a bit more about the program.

22:05Copy video clip URL End of next program. Return to pledge drive.

31:19Copy video clip URL Preview for the documentary “Sitcom: The Adventures of Garry Marshall.”

33:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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