[Politics of Intimacy: Mona and Theresa 3, Kathy 1]

This tape contains interviews for the documentary The Politics of Intimacy from Mona Gustafson and Theresa Joyce, two teenage girls, and from Kathy Kahr, a middle-aged wife and mother.

00:00Copy video clip URL Mona Gustafson and Theresa Joyce are teenagers and close friends. They are romantically and sexually inexperienced. Mona is the younger sister of director Julie Gustafson. She has long blonde hair and is, in their description, more stereotypically “feminine” than Theresa, who has short curly hair.

00:21Copy video clip URL Theresa speculates that she might feel more feminine and less insecure if she had a boyfriend.

01:32Copy video clip URL Mona discusses when she feels more and less feminine, and how that relates to being comfortable or confident; long blonde hair and blue eyes mean that people see her as feminine.

05:50Copy video clip URL Mona describes what makes her feel “pretty.”

06:33Copy video clip URL Theresa reflects on her previous romantic relationship, in which she now feels that her ex was manipulative.

07:50Copy video clip URL New interview. Kathy Mahr is a wife and mother of a 6-month-old baby, Jim, and a 3-year-old, Maryann. She has been married to her husband Richard since 1965.

8:15Copy video clip URL Kathy’s three-year-old daughter Maryann appears on camera.

10:10Copy video clip URL Kathy shares her general points of view on sex and worries that her interview will not be be interesting enough for the documentary.

10:45Copy video clip URL Being sexually old fashioned, though less so than she was five years ago.

11:37Copy video clip URL Influence of Catholicism on her approaches to sex, feelings of guilt.

14:15Copy video clip URL How she gets along with her children.

14:50Copy video clip URL Her life with her husband Richard; working a job before she had her children. Always wanted a family.

17:38Copy video clip URL Her positive and fulfilling sexual relationship with Richard and the importance of sex within their relationship.

19:25Copy video clip URL Learned about sex from her mother, who cautioned her about being too open.

22:15Copy video clip URL How she met her husband, her first and only sexual partner; feelings of guilt and fear, little satisfaction before they married.

26:27Copy video clip URL Beginning to experience sexual satisfaction after marriage, after she and husband work together

28:20Copy video clip URL What happens to her physically when she has an orgasm.

30:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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