[Politics of Intimacy: Trudy and Joan 3]

This is raw footage shot for Julie Gustafson's documentary, "The Politics of Intimacy." In this seminal feminist video, ten women address the camera and seemingly each other in a wide-ranging exploration of such previously taboo subjects as women’s sexuality, power, and fears about intimacy. This interview is with Joan & Trudy. Originally shot in 1/2" B & W video.

0:03Copy video clip URL B-roll of filming location  

00:29Copy video clip URL Male friendships  

03:00Copy video clip URL Faking orgasms  

03:28Copy video clip URL Woman shares experience being unaware of what an orgasm was and once educated realizing she had been experiencing them  

04:00Copy video clip URL Learning from female friend about female orgasms  

05:05Copy video clip URL Masturbating, physical responses  

06:03Copy video clip URL Physical responses during sex with other women  

07:14Copy video clip URL Easier to fake orgasms when having sex with men compared to sex with another woman  

08:04Copy video clip URL Prioritizing your orgasm over male partner 

10:18Copy video clip URL Dynamics of threesomes  

15:00Copy video clip URL Oral sex, smell, and taste of genitals  

16:18Copy video clip URL Woman shares experiences with oral sex  

19:35Copy video clip URL Same woman shares experiences being intoxicated and feeling extremely sensual  

21:14Copy video clip URL Discussion around body confidence  

22:57Copy video clip URL Video ends 



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