Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 2

"The Pop Video Test" was a joint effort between Scott Jacobs and Tom Weinberg of the Chicago Editing Center, and the Video Group of the Bell and Howell Corporation. This cooperative effort between the independent video community and a corporate video distributor was intended to test the viability of the home video market. The videomakers assembled ten hours of video pieces meant as an alternative to available pre-recorded programming (ie Hollywood movies). Fifty VCR owners in the Chicago area agreed to examine and review the tapes. Test viewers then received the programming two hours at a time, in groupings labeled Video Art, Documentary, Entertainment, and Potpourri.

01:12Copy video clip URL “Video Weavings” by Steve Beck. This segment explores the analogy between weaving and the construction of a television image, featuring colorful and dynamic patterns.

10:41Copy video clip URL “Seven Second Interval” by Catherine DeJong, Richard Mandeberg, Kaja Overstreet. This segment feature silhouettes and outlines of people dancing.

22:46Copy video clip URL “Cetacean” by Phil Morton, Chip Dodsworth, Barry Brosch.¬†This segment simulates water, the sea, and waves and the music follows this theme.

29:25Copy video clip URL “Electronic Masks” by Barbara Sykes. This segment features totemic images and music that matches the images.

34:37Copy video clip URL “Vapor Trails” by Stuart Pettigrew.

42:55Copy video clip URL “Icron” by Bob Snyder. This segment deconstructs the images and sounds of newscasts.

54:00Copy video clip URL Credits

54:56Copy video clip URL Video ends



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