Pop Video Test: Consumer study 1

A collection of abstract image processing videos by artists including Dan Sandin, Em Emshwiller, Peter Campus, Barbara Sykes, Tom Defanti, and Stuart Pettigrew.

00:43Copy video clip URL “Trilogy” by Annette Barbier and Drew Browning. Music by Keith Jarrett.

01:11Copy video clip URL First part of “Trilogy”: “In the Aether.”

03:56Copy video clip URL Second part of “Trilogy”: “Weightless.”

05:26Copy video clip URL Third part of “Trilogy”: “Rhythms.”

9:05Copy video clip URL “Spiral 4 A.C.M.” by Dan Sandin, Stuart Pettigrew, and Tom Defanti. 

14:51Copy video clip URL “Scape-Mates” by Ed Emshwiller. With dancers Emery Hermans and Sarah Shelton. 

42:10Copy video clip URL Credits for Scape-Mates

43:04Copy video clip URL “By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak” by Barbara Sykes and Tom DeFanti. 

50:05Copy video clip URL “Three Transitions” by Peter Campus.

55:45Copy video clip URL “Video Weavings” by Stephen Beck.

65:17Copy video clip URL “Seven Second Interval” by Catherine DeJong, Richard Mandeberg, and Kaja Overstreet.

77:21Copy video clip URL “Cetacean” by Phil Morton, Chip Dodsworth, and Barry Brosch. Footage of waves crashing against the shore becomes abstracted into a play of lines and movements.

84:00Copy video clip URL “Electronic Masks” by Barbara Sykes.

89:07Copy video clip URL “Vapor Trails” by Stuart Pettigrew.

97:30Copy video clip URL “Icron” by Bob Snyder. 

108:34Copy video clip URL Closing Credits



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