Postales de Nicaragua Libre / Postcards From Nicaragua

Varios segmentos breves. Aquí se ven vistas líricas y políticas de la vida diaria en Estelí y en Managua, Julio - Septiembre 1984. / Various brief segments. Lyrical and political views of daily life in Estelí and Managua, Nicaragua, July - September 1984.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening credits. July-September 1984.

00:30Copy video clip URL Footage of a Marimba trio in a market in Masaya.

08:30Copy video clip URL Footage of market women in Masaya.

13:23Copy video clip URL Footage of saddle makers in Esteli.

20:38Copy video clip URL Footage of people gathering rocks and washing clothes in Esteli.

23:30Copy video clip URL Sandinista Vice-Presidential Candidate, Sergio Ramirez, is shown running a campaign in Esteli.

27:27Copy video clip URL Footage of market women in the new market in Esteli. A group of women is asked what the community wants from the United States, and they respond that they only want peace and to be able to live and work calmly. The women also comment that they are in great need of medicine.

33:42Copy video clip URL Footage of the burial of a combatant in Esteli

53:51Copy video clip URL Closing credits.

54:13Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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