Excerpts: Primary Visibility – Iowa & Its Presidents – The Super-8 Chronicles of Harold Washington

Samples of Bill Stamets' political campaign footage. Includes "Primary Visibility," footage of the 1992 New Hampshire primary shot for THE 90's; a brief excerpt of "Iowa & Its Presidents," about the 1988 Caucus; and another excerpt from "The Super-8 Chronicles of Harold Washington" (aka Chicago Politics: A Theatre of Power"). The latter two were as aired on Image Union.

00:00Copy video clip URL Pat Buchanan campaigns for President in New Hampshire.

00:20Copy video clip URL Buchanan tries to hold a video camera, much to the amusement of the press.

02:14Copy video clip URL Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey reads a Curious George book to girls in an elementary school classroom.

03:01Copy video clip URL After speaking to reporters outside a local business, Bill Clinton models a campaign tote for the camera.

04:18Copy video clip URL A journalist shows “the Rope”–a literal piece of rope held between “two junior, inexperienced campaign people”  to separate the press from Bill Clinton. “Clinton doesn’t like to walk in a straight line–he zigs and he zags–and so the rope people usually get tied up among themselves.”

05:34Copy video clip URL The same journalist presents his “Hole of the Donut” theory of campaign photography.

06:00Copy video clip URL “I’ve been in situations where I can’t believe that somebody hasn’t literally gotten trampled to death,” a photographer tells the camera. “I feel I’m limited. I’m making pictures on a 20-25 zoom lens on a 35mm camera, that’s an in-your-face lens…you can’t be creative, you can’t take anything that’s meaningful.”

07:14Copy video clip URL Candidate Charles Woods sits shotgun on the way to campaign events at a local senior center and a high school. “Somewhere along the line, the news media–somebody, somewhere–they saw fit to separate out the candidates into what they call ‘major’ and ‘fringe’,” he laments. “Well, by whose judgment?”

09:29Copy video clip URL Hillary Clinton talks from the backseat of a campaign van about “vision” in the Democratic party.

09:57Copy video clip URL Bill Clinton offers his own thoughts on “vision” during a campaign speech. “If you’re sick of being on the defensive and you wanna be on the offensive again, you think our country can win again, then you oughta vote for me.”

13:23Copy video clip URL The Clintons meet a young girl named Destiny. “What a wonderful name! Boy are we glad to meet you! We’ve been looking for you for months.”

13:38Copy video clip URL End credits for “Primary Visibility.”

13:55Copy video clip URL A clip from “Iowa & Its Presidents” of President George H.W. Bush in Iowa in 1988.

15:14Copy video clip URL Start of a clip from “The Super-8 Chronicles of Harold Washington.” This sample includes a speech delivered in 1983 without any other cameras present. “There are no good qualities of past mayors to be had…none! none! none!”

18:54Copy video clip URL Image Union credits.

20:03Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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