Promos for Veeck: a man for any season

Two promos for "Veeck: A Man For Any Season." The first promo is 60 seconds and the second promo is thirty seconds--includes montage footage of Veeck, his promotions, and interviews.

00:07Copy video clip URL Production card and countdown.

00:28Copy video clip URL Mary Frances Veeck, over montage of Veeck and his promotions: “His influence extended beyond sports.”

00:51Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Tomorrow is going to be great!”

1:17Copy video clip URL Veeck: “The most beautiful thing is a ballpark filled with people.”

1:23Copy video clip URL Title card.

1:33Copy video clip URL Second promo, title card and countdown.

1:57Copy video clip URL Second, thirty second promo begins. It uses the same footage and roughly the same narration.

2:26Copy video clip URL Title card.

2:41Copy video clip URL Last segment of first promo replays.

3:01Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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