Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel: Cop Abuse

A report on domestic violence abuse by police officers.

0:00Copy video clip URL Video opens on Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel.

0:30Copy video clip URL Nearly 4 million women each year are abused by their partners. Phone calls to police may save their lives. Those women married to cops have a more difficult time with domestic violence calls.

0:42Copy video clip URL Under the Gun is read on the screen. Carol Marin interviews Susan Markey Mulano. Daughter of a cop who murdered his wife. Then took his own life.

2:38Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Adrian Sherri. She claims mental and physical abuse from her husband who was a policeman.

4:07Copy video clip URL A 1992 study shows that about 40% of policeman abuse their spouses.

5:15Copy video clip URL Marin interviews Bill Nolan FOP president. He says that an officer who engages in domestic abuse should not lose their job but undergo suspension instead. He claims there use to be a code of silence but no longer exists

5:55Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews John Felton. Chief with the Broward county sheriff office in Florida. He claims the code of silence is still present. He shares word from a chief in another city, “We have to protect our own.”

6:20Copy video clip URL He uses an example of a police call recording.

7:29Copy video clip URL Matt Rodriguez, police superintendent, he started a program in Chicago to help aid the battered spouses of police officer. He hired civilians as advocates.

10:14Copy video clip URL [End of Tape.]



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