Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel: Women on Death Row

Compilation of CBS Public Eye Reports: Clinton Scandal, Avalanche, Youngest Female Olympian Figure Skater, Women on Death Row, Clinton Voting Popularity by Gender

0:00Copy video clip URL The video begins with a summary of reports in the upcoming Public Eye segment. A series of commercials follow.

President Clinton Scandal

4:00Copy video clip URL Bryant Gumbel starts the program with the report on the white house under fire. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

6:27Copy video clip URL Bill Clinton, 72 minute speech. He addresses the nation. 

7:37Copy video clip URL Scott Kelly reports on said witness in the scandal.

8:56Copy video clip URL Bryant Gumbel interviews James Carville. He says what the war is about, controlling the country. He believes it is a political operation. Gumbel asks about Lewinsky’s position. James Carville, former Clinton advisor. Says its motivated by political enemies.

10:30Copy video clip URL Gumbel asks where Lewinsky fits in the conspiracy theory. Carville responds.

13:55Copy video clip URL Compilation of the upcoming news reports.

14:18Copy video clip URL Commercial advertisements. 

Surviving an Avalanche

16:51Copy video clip URL Public eye segment returns. Gumbel introduces a report on a mans story who faced a deadly avalanche. Based in Steamboat Springs Colorado, Christian George is interviewed. He was snowmobiling in the mountains when he made a wrong turn and an avalanche began. He was trapped under the snow with only a lighter and a candy bar. 

19:55Copy video clip URL He was stranded. Search and rescue was called. A foot and a half of snow fell within 24 hours. Winds were up to 50 mph. Day two turned into day three and four. 

22:50Copy video clip URL Day four. The weather cleared enough for helicopters to go out and search. 

23:50Copy video clip URL Day five. Christian is found. He made his way through five miles of snow. He lost 23 pounds. The rescue team rushed him to the hospital to treat Christian. Carol says that he was unharmed, tired and hungry but healthy.

25:18Copy video clip URL Compilation of the upcoming news report. Winter Olympics Figure Skating.

25:39Copy video clip URL Commercial advertisements.

Winter Olympics: Tara Lipinski

29:19Copy video clip URL Public Eye continues. Gumbel covers a story on the Winter Olympics. Tara Lipinski, youngest female figure skater to win an Olympic title at the age of 15.

36:39Copy video clip URL Compilation of the next segment. Women on death row. 

37:04Copy video clip URL Commercial advertisements.

39:33Copy video clip URL Public eye continues. Texas execute more men than any other state in the union. However, the state has not executed a woman since the civil war. 

Women on Death Row

40:15Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reports on women on death row. Marin interviews an inmate on death row. Quen Garcia. 

42:17Copy video clip URL American prisons experienced a rise in female inmates. From 1986 – 1996 there was an increase of 200%. With 46 women on death row. For every 400 men put on death row, one woman is executed.

43:31Copy video clip URL A week before Garcia was up for execution, Amnesty international petitioned to spare her life. 14 hours before the execution was haltered. Garcia then says that she was spared as a result of being a woman. The state was not ready to execute a woman.

44:49Copy video clip URL Carol then discusses women spending more time in prison than men for the same crime. Carol Marin interviews female inmates from the welding shop in the prison on what they think of the biases. 

46:46Copy video clip URL Commercial advertisements.

Voting for Clinton Amidst a Scandal

49:27Copy video clip URL Public Eye continues. Gumbel reports on President Clinton. Popularity of voting among women and men.

58:22Copy video clip URL [End of Tape]. 




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