Pulsations: Sex, Lies And Video Art.

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0:00 Titles. "Expiring for love is beautiful but stupid." Close-up of a man in slow-motion and fast-motion being slapped again and again.

06:00 Segment from Madison, WI (1989). George Kuchar makes a tape about himself and his lovers. It has a stronger documentary feel than the previous segment, providing a commentary for his daily life with Jerome. Throughout the day of the screening, Kuchar runs into many old lovers. A funny and stream-of-consciousness segment.

22:30 Long Beach Museum of Art segment. A faux-radio DJ talks smoothly about a relationship and stories from his life. He uses a reel of slide s as a pretense to whisper slyly about his romantic life. Written and performed by Joe Frank, 1988.

33:57 “Maxwell’s Demon”, a short film by James Deusing (1990). Computer-animated sequence about relationships. Mutant-like creatures talk to one another and act out surreal futuristic conversations. Story involves a weird parable about the selling of a fish, or the trading of it for a kumbaya hat, and a lake of fire.

41:46 “Splash” by Thomas Allen Harris. “Little Tommy loved little girls so much that he wanted to be one.” Visually metaphoric story about Tommy’s gender issues.

19 91. Evolution Productions.

48:53 “A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief” by Jonathan Reiss. The bones of animals groan in a tar-like pit while the metal skeleton of some construction machine razes the environment and kills the skeletal animals. 1988.

1:01:42 General Idea “XXX Blue” 1985. Jorge Zontal “We don’t want to destroy television, we want to add to it.” Felix Partz, AA Bronson talk about the media artist who tries to get involved in larger media. Part 1: Death of a Mauve Bat. Various artists on Batman attempt to create works of art for judges. The Joker paints nothing and appears to win. Jorge Zontal does a sarcastic bit about the media artist who is “above” normal media. Part 2 Mondo Cane. A bunch of people dance around dressed like dogs. “What pleases the media? An artist in artists’ drag.” “It’s a waste of time telling the media ‘shut the fuck up.'” Part 3 XXX Blue. Women covered in blue body paint rub on a canvas creating a painting. The members of General Idea talk about a performance piece using taxidermied poodles to create paintings for a competition. The idea? The media becomes just another one-liner.

1:15:50 End of tape.



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