A pilot for Punchline, a show that never came to fruition. The show features regular and famous people from all over the country telling jokes on-camera and is hosted by Gabe Kaplan.

0:00Copy video clip URL Gabe Kaplan preparing to go on the show. He insists upon telling a joke to a staff member.

1:02Copy video clip URL Punchline intro.

1:42Copy video clip URL Kaplan introduces the show.

2:01Copy video clip URL Punchline on parade. Assorted jokes by people on the street. Two people are Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie. Another is Tatoo.

6:34Copy video clip URL Kaplan and Einstein tell each other jokes.

7:23Copy video clip URL People try on clothes.

8:51Copy video clip URL Kaplan tells jokes and introduces jokes by children.

9:16Copy video clip URL Children tell jokes.

10:42Copy video clip URL Kaplan introduces news from around the world.

11:07Copy video clip URL The national belly flop championships in Chicago.

11:27Copy video clip URL Georgia. The world’s first talking newspaper box. It tells jokes.

11:58Copy video clip URL University of Tulsa. Students put a Volkswagon Rabbit into a hat.

12:24Copy video clip URL Kaplan’s almanac.

13:07Copy video clip URL Kaplan introduces national conference on the science of humor.

13:47Copy video clip URL Footage of joke-telling contest at the conference in Phoenix AZ. A man from VA wins $16 for telling the best joke.

16:24Copy video clip URL Kaplan introduces footage of coming home.

16:44Copy video clip URL Shots of people reuiniting at airports.

18:04Copy video clip URL Kaplan introduces more jokes. Dan Castellaneta tells a joke.

20:52Copy video clip URL Kaplan and Einstein tell each other more jokes. Einstein steals Kaplan’s thunder a number of times.

21:51Copy video clip URL Joke about Boy George pieced together from a number of people. Kaplan encourages people to call Punchline with jokes.

22:29Copy video clip URL Credits.

23:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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