Radio Faces #3

A behind-the-scenes look at Chicago radio personalities: how they view their careers, what they 're like off the air, plus, what goes into the creation of a successful radio show.

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1:50Copy video clip URL On the air with WUSN (US 99). Features DJ Big John Howell and Dean McNeil, program director. Howell: “Country music reflects the values of America, from left to right, from top to bottom, and if you listen to it long enough, you’ll find something meaningful to you.” This segment also features WKXK (94.7 Kicks Country), the station’s new major competitor. With Gregg Lindahl and Larry Wert, WLUP-FM general manager.

5:58Copy video clip URL Archival footage of Bob Sirott showing segments from Deep Throat on the air.

6:10Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

7:27Copy video clip URL On the air with WGCI (107.5 FM) with DJ Steve Harvey. Harvey talks about the pleasantness of not having to look nice on the radio. Archival clips of Harvey on television and on the air. With Jeanne Sparrow, co-host.

11:55Copy video clip URL At the Regal Theater on the South Side of Chicago. WVAZ (V-103, 103.5 FM) is broadcasting live from the theater. This is Tom Joyner’s new morning show, having just switched from WGCI. Barry Mayo radio consultant. We see Joyner in the studio with guests such as comedian George Wallace, Mavis Staples, and Herb Kent, “The Cool Gent,” a Chicago radio legend. Sybil Wilkes, also of WVAZ talks about her opinion that the beauty of the show is that they’re broadcasting from Dallas, but listeners really think they’re on the South Side of Chicago. Also with Chuck Crouther and Chuck Barkesdale, of a band called The Dells.

18:40Copy video clip URL Marty Faye archival footage.

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20:30Copy video clip URL On the air with WSCR (The Score, 820AM). Featuring DJ’s Mike North and Dan Jiggetts. While ice fishing in Riverside, IL, Joe Gentilli gives his opinions on various radio DJ’s. Another sports station, WMVP (1000AM) is also featured. Lance McAlister of WMVP claims his station is classier than WSCR. Tom Shaer talks about the narrowness of WSCR’s format. Norm Van Lier of WMVP claims his station is more for die hard fans. On the air with Harry Teinowitz and Spike Manton of WMVP plus clips of them as standup comedians. Interview with Roger Sarti, MVP caller of the year. Judd Buechler of the Chicago Bulls talks about being on the show. Bob Hallberg, UIC basketball coach, introduces Harry and Spike as guest coaches at a game.

32:27Copy video clip URL Howard Cosell archival footage.

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33:55Copy video clip URL Big John Howell talks about his band, the Big John Boogie Band. Plus footage of the band performing. There is more talk about WKXK (with the new country format) trying to break in to the market. Interview with Nancy Turner, plus footage of Taste of Chicago.

39:49Copy video clip URL Nancy Turner archival footage.

40:05Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

41:05Copy video clip URL Information about the Communications Act of ’96, which allowed companies to own more stations than ever before. We see a list of which stations are owned by which company, and see that Evergreen Media dominates the Chicago market. Lorna Gladstone talks about the business of radio. On the air with WBBM newsradio 780 and reporter John Cody. Hon. Marvin Aspen is interviewed by Cody. Dick Helton on the air.

46:56Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings (WBBM) archival clips from “Overnight Man.”

47:14Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

48:05Copy video clip URL WRCX on air with Mancow Muller. He decides to pull a prank and walk in on the other DJ’s in the building while they are on the air. He runs in to Jonathan Brandmeier on WLUP (103.5 FM) and Steve Dahl on WMVP.

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