[Radio Faces raw: Harry + Spike #2]

Raw footage shot for the documentary Radio Faces. There are two segments in this video. The first is Harry and Spike of WMVP Radio at a UIC Flames game to dedicate Sherrell Ford's jersey. The second part is their radio broadcast from later that evening where they talk with Shawn Respert.

0:04Copy video clip URL Video starts on the coach of the UIC Flames in the middle of a timeout with his team.

6:59Copy video clip URL The ceremony to memorialize the jersey of Sherrell Ford begins.

25:24Copy video clip URL The basketball game resumes.

51:22Copy video clip URL Cut to locker room where Harry and Spike, two radio hosts from WMVP, give a pep talk to the team. The men talk to the coach of the UIC Flames and then some of the players.

1:00:34Copy video clip URL Cut to interior of WMVP Radio where Harry and Spike are about to take them on a tour of the WMVP station. They meet their Caller of the Year, who called in more than anyone else and introduce everyone who is in their building during their show. They talk about the show that they are planning right now.

1:27:44Copy video clip URL Their show begins and they talk with Shawn Respert, a rookie basketball player on the Milwaukee Bucks. We cannot hear Shawn’s side of the conversation. They take a brief break and talk with the camera before wandering around the office.

1:47:08Copy video clip URL Cut to another section of the radio show. They talk about current Chicago sports events. They talk with a caller about problems with seating at Bulls games and the corporate buy-up of seats.

2:03:13Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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