Radio Faces raw: Phil Jackson, Jud Buechler, Tom Shaer, Lorna Gladstone #1]

Raw footage for Radio Faces. Bulls coach Phil Jackson gives a press conference, followed by interviews with Bulls player Jud Buechler, reporter Tom Shaer, and Westinghouse-CBS radio executive Lorna Gladstone.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on interior of a car. Soon after there is a switch to an interior shot and what looks like a basketball court.

1:47Copy video clip URL Press conference with Bulls coach Phil Jackson.

3:36Copy video clip URL Interview with Bulls player Jud Buechler.

8:33Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg, the camera operator, talks with sports reporter Tom Shaer on the basketball court. He talks about radio and TV and how radio is “the purest form of communication.”

18:05Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with Lorna Gladstone who is a radio executive for Westinghouse. She speaks on several different topics specifically the Chicago radio market, her experiences, the changing topography of the Chicago demographics, and the difficulty of syndication in Chicago.

57:14Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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