[Radio Free Venice interview]

This video shows an interview with Tom Reveille, operator of the pirate FM radio station Radio Free Venice in Venice Beach, CA. He is an advocate for "grass-roots radio," and is purportedly in a prolonged legal battle with the FCC on the constitutionality of their operation.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on shot of Dudley Av. which Judith Binder, the filmmaker, walks down. She goes up to one of the houses which has a sign saying “Radio Free Venice 104.7 FM your community voice.” Tom Reveille talks to Binder and he begins talking about the importance of grass roots radio. He talks about how information has been kept from the general populace. He predicts that within a decade all life will be extinct, “I don’t mean all life…but everything that makes life worth living: wildlife…” He talks about the fake solutions that are “pollution solutions.” “The only way to save the Earth is to get rid of the bank altogether.”

7:55Copy video clip URL Reveille talks about the right to communicate through the radio and the problems he’s run into with that through the FCC. He talks about constitutionality and the power of the people. He talks about the 9th Amendment in a completely unenforceable fashion. The 9th amendment states, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

29:20Copy video clip URL He says he feels that “Capitalism is unconstitutional,” and lists his various reasons why.

31:57Copy video clip URL Binder gathers cutaway footage while he continues speaking over the radio.

42:45Copy video clip URL Reveille claims he is in law enforcement against the FCC. He says he can’t trust the government until it returns to a Constitutional government, rather than a government that “belongs to the bank.”

44:27Copy video clip URL Reveille leads Binder back into his house, where the transmitter is located. He talks about the affordability of grass roots radio, but that the FCC has made it unaffordable to set up a station with their approval.

49:35Copy video clip URL Binder leaves the house/broadcasting station.

50:06Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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