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Elizabeth Brackett speaks to Rahm Emanuel about his job as senior adviser to President Clinton, and about the path that led him to that position.

0:10Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Brackett visits the White House office of Rahm Emanuel, senior adviser to President Clinton. Emanuel describes his job as “the intersection between press, policy, and politics.” Emanuel is more of a centrist than George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s former senior adviser, although Emanuel does not think they are all that different.

3:22Copy video clip URL Emanuel’s skill as a fundraiser, not a political strategist, got him to the White House. He nearly single-handedly raised $7 million when working for Mayor Daley, and later raised $3 million in three weeks for the financially-struggling Clinton campaign in 1991.

4:31Copy video clip URL Emanuel lost his job as White House political director in Clinton’s first term due to his abrasive style, but he later regained the president’s confidence. There is much speculation that Emanuel may leave this job before the end of Clinton’s term.

5:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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