The Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes

Documentary on a communal gathering that takes place every year in rural Arizona.

00:12Copy video clip URL Footage of the “Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes.”

01:10Copy video clip URL A shirtless man from the Gathering offers directions to the camera operators and details the basic rules: “No personal fires. Just respect. Enjoy.”

02:15Copy video clip URL Title card: “In the Ponderosa Pines high above the desert, The Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes.” Onscreen text: “White Mountains, near Alpine, Arizona.” Footage of attendees. 

02:57Copy video clip URL Music, “We Are the Rainbow Tribe.” Footage of musicians and attendees.

04:07Copy video clip URL A man discusses the purpose of the Rainbow gathering. Attendees sing while clustered together. Children play. Onscreen text: “International Year of the Child.” Footage of children. More music. 

07:26Copy video clip URL Interview with a Hare Krishna about feeding the attendees. Footage of “the firebox” and the “rock oven.”

08:47Copy video clip URL A woman announces loudly “We are gonna do some circle dancing in this field after dinner. Drummers are welcome! Everybody’s welcome to come and do some circle dancing! And tomorrow morning, about an hour before breakfast, we’ll do some early morning circle dancing! You get very high! *Very* high!” Cheers from the crowd. 

09:18Copy video clip URL An announcement about a workshop and council on “New Age Networking” taking place the next day at noon “near the Information and Rumor Control, right over there.” More announcements. 

10:07Copy video clip URL The crowd gathers, cheers, and chants. They eat. 

12:04Copy video clip URL Interview with a man covered in mud. He discusses the healing properties of mud, which “absorbs the toxins.” 

12:40Copy video clip URL “MASH Medical Center”: tour and demonstration of the medical tent. 

13:55Copy video clip URL An attendee discusses the banner he’s made, reading “Life Force” with an illustration of hands cradling the earth. 

14:24Copy video clip URL A marriage ceremony. 

15:30Copy video clip URL A song about farming and cleaning the environment. 

16:06Copy video clip URL A council meeting inside a tent. Discussions of activities for the gathering and of individual hopes and histories. Chants.

22:07Copy video clip URL Outdoor chanting and droning. Prayers to the Great Spirit. 

25:02Copy video clip URL A procession chanting, playing drums. More prayers and rituals.

31:33Copy video clip URL Dancing, drumming, singing. 

43:36Copy video clip URL Prayers and speeches, followed by singing and swaying. “We’ve got so much love in our hearts.” 

46:49Copy video clip URL A musician named Fantuzzi leads the group in a performance of a song “that was made before musical instruments were invented.” Singing and dancing in circles. 

57:51Copy video clip URL End credits. “Thanks to all our relations.” 



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