[Rainbow/PUSH tribute to MLK – Spike Lee press conference at Chicago Cultural Center]

A Rainbow/PUSH Coalition event remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. featuring Jesse Jackson, followed by a press conference at the Chicago Cultural Center about a Spike Lee retrospective, featuring Lee and critic Gene Siskel.

0:04Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a woman and child on stage. The child introduces himself and recites “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” by Martin Luther King Jr. 

4:32Copy video clip URL The speech ends and they present an award to him. 

5:37Copy video clip URL A girl comes onstage, introduces herself, and recites “I See the Promised Land” by Martin Luther King Jr. 

7:04Copy video clip URL The speech ends and they present an award to her. Footage of the audience while another man speaks. Cut to a woman singing.

11:04Copy video clip URL Parts of a speech by Jesse Jackson about the purpose of the convention and fighting injustice; the speech grows more and more passionate as he continues. Audio cuts in and out. 

31:40Copy video clip URL Another man speaks about Martin Luther King Jr and the convention. Cut to another woman singing. A man plays harp. 

36:25Copy video clip URL Press asks Jackson questions about the kind of activism and changes that needs to happen in the United States. Footage of the crowd and harp player. Jackson meets various people in the crowd. 

40:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a podium being prepared for a press conference about a Spike Lee retrospective at the Chicago Cultural Center. A woman speaks about African American artworks and introduces filmmaker Spike Lee. 

42:24Copy video clip URL Lee comes up and talks about his work–six films to date–and film in general. Cut to film critic Gene Siskel speaking at the podium. They both talk about films and joke around. 

48:27Copy video clip URL A woman thanks them for speaking. Siskel and Lee pose for photos. The press ask a few questions.

53:17Copy video clip URL Tape ends.  



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