[Ralph Nader in New Hampshire]

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0:00 Man in silhouette complains about politicians.

0:26 A dinner. Nader arrives. A woman says grace. Support Meals for the Elderly Sign.

1:00 Silent footage of car driving in New Hampshire city.

1:30 Preparation for interview with Nader in WMUR-TV studio. Woman reads some news reports before dealing with Nader. Then interviews him. He is in a different section of the studio from her but it seems it will appear like they are together when the image is produced for television.

6:05 Nader signs some paperwork and leaves.

6:37 Senator Robert C Smith’s office. Talks to representative for the senator who is extremely defensive.

9:15 Nader outside reflects on his television experience. He says he was only allowed to speak in sound bytes and says that the nature of television is this way because the public does not control it. He says we cannot allow television to remain trivialized. We need to turn over to the people so they can learn how to communicate with each other in this way.

10:34 Nader speaking for League of Conservation Voters, talks again about the need to preserve the airways for the people. He says we are very underdeveloped as a democracy compared to 50 years ago. He emphasizes the importance of group activities for introducing new people to become active in their cause. He then talks about environmental issues and the absence of discussion of these things by the candidates campaigning. He then goes back to the idea of returning the airwaves to the people.

24:55 Man in audience asks if Nader could be convinced to run for President with Ross Perot as Vice President. He says that Nader reminds him of Saul Alinsky.

27:26 Man who made previous comment talks to Nader after the event.

27:47 People walk outside. Nader sits on bench reading Philadelphia Inquirer for a photo-op. Headline is “America: What Went Wrong?” Sign on post for Nader, who will speak in Manchester on January 7. this next part may be footage that was taped over for Nader stuff. it starts in the middle.

31:37 Meeting. Motivational speaker Les Brown says that happiness does not happen by accident, it is a state of mind. Then we go with him to another room, full of mostly African-American children. Brown has children yell “I am great” and other motivational phrases. He asks the children what they want to be when they grow up and then teaches them steps to reach their goals. He then discusses with them why it is important to choose the right friends.

39:35 Color bars, black, bars and tone.

40:30 Interview begins. Brown explains his objective and how he got assigned. He wants to develop self-esteem in children by working both with them and their parents. He says he takes a holistic approach to this, by trying to reach all aspects of the child’s life, including all important people. He says no one ever trains anyone how to be a human being or a parent.

50:10 Brown tells a story about being labelled mentally retarded as a child and a teacher who finally taught him that he wasn’t. He talks about how to be a good leader.

53:10 Brown emphasizes that one person really can make a difference.

54:42 Brown talks about the role of television in child development. He thinks that television has unintentionally had a very negative impact.

59:55 End of tape.



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