[Ray Simon]

0:07Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Ray Simon. He is speaking about being successful in politics based on the model of Richard J. Daley. The interviewer asks about riots in the city and Daley’s reaction to them in 1968.

4:55Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks about efforts to reduce poverty. Simon speaks about Daley’s strategies for helping the city, and then about how the Democratic party enabled him to become mayor.

17:38Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks about Jim Murray. Simon speaks about his career. They speak about Martin Luther King Jr.’s presence in the city. They speak about Daley’s response to the Civil Right’s Movement and his media image.

25:00Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks for final remarks. He says that he was lucky to work for Daley and that he was an admirable man. 

27:40Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of buildings downtown. Cut to a man playing piano in a theater. A man onstage introduces Mayor Richard M. Daley, who comes onstage to introduce Disney’s premiere of Pocahontas in Chicago. The Mayor introduces the chairman from Disney, who introduces the cast of Pocahontas and speaks about the movie. A Mickey Mouse and other live action Disney characters come onstage. The characters visit with the audience.

36:00Copy video clip URL Cut to footage around the theater. The cast takes a photo with the mayor. The mayor speaks with the press about his campaign and issues that affect the election.

43:56Copy video clip URL Cut to a meeting of the Chicago Urban League. Footage of them setting up. People socialize before the meeting. 

51:20Copy video clip URL A man starts the meeting and introduces candidates for mayor, including Roland Burris, a representative for Harold Washington, Lawrence Redmond and Ray Wardingley. Each candidate introduces himself and his platform. 

1:03:00Copy video clip URL Audience members ask questions. One man asks Burris how he plans to become a competitive candidate. Audio cuts out. A couple of the candidates talk about how they interact with voters. 

1:09:00Copy video clip URL A man asks about programs that could offer job opportunities. Another man asks about the improvement of schools and education. They move to a discussion of taxes and making money for the city. Answers and questions are interrupted by cuts. 

1:28:30Copy video clip URL A man asks about job programs and changing mindsets. A final question is asked, but the sound cuts out. 

1:32:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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