[Real TV selects from Chicago Slices]

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0:00 Black

0:55 “That’s My Story”. Debra Washington got her hair stuck in her dishwasher, and screamed for an hour. A neighbor heard her, and cut her hair off to free her. Debra scared him, and then he broke his leg falling down her basement stairs.

2:15 Fish Tales. Clark and Webster. Julie Fischer talks in a pet store about why people like fish. Tells a story about a woman who saved her goldfish with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

3:50 Melissa Johnson, a small girl acting like a showgirl, dances on podium and mats, bends her body all around. Her family watches and encourages.

5:20 John “Jyleen” Simms. Northwest side. A construction worker man, with breast implants, puts on dress and makeup, only does private parties. Jim Saunders talks about how he’s a great friend and a crazy guy, “Crazy John.”

8:30 Dogs play Frisbee with a man, do crazy tricks.

9:40 Long Grove. A pie-eating conte st. Start with face in it, then some use their hands.

10:40 Jim Doyle and Mike Lally, two construction workers who talk about being scared way up on scaffolding. Go up the side of a building.

13:50 Daley Plaza. Pigeons land on a Vince Cesek’s hand, hang out around him.

14:30 My Slices. John Anderson caught a homerun ball at a game, and security guards immediately took him away, because he wouldn’t give them the ball. They wanted it for a charity auction or the hall of fame. John Anderson meets and gives a business card to slugger Dave Winfield, who signs the ball.

17:07 Black.



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