Records – Prison – Power – Transsexual – Natural Gas (Carol Marin)

A Compilation of Reports by Carol Marin on Records, Parole, Electricity and Transsexuality

0:20Copy video clip URL The video open on Carol Marin sharing a report on credit record. She says it all starts when you are born and government officials claim this could be an invasion of privacy. Most people do not even know what is in their medical record, yet they continue to sign off on authorization forms to insurance companies and others because if you want to pay your hospital bill you have to release your information.

0:57Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Nancy Ruther, chief of medical records of Baptist Hospital. She admits many people do not know what they are signing, they do not even send the paperwork out.

2:40Copy video clip URL School records, unlike medical records are easy to get. However, like medical files school files are not request much either.

3:01Copy video clip URL Then Carol Marin interviews Roy Stamps, head of school records.

4:01Copy video clip URL Carol Marin then starts a new report segment on parole. She interviews Marie Ragghanti. Chairwoman of the Pardon and Parole Board.

4:52Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Ramon Sanchez-Vinas. Assistant Corrections Commissioner. 

7:15Copy video clip URL The video transitions to a new segment on energy. Footage of powerlines in Nashville are seen. Electricity and Gas. 

8:33Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews, Thomas B. Green. 

12:10Copy video clip URL The screen goes black. A new report on Transsexuality by Carol Marin begins. What is Transsexuality?

13:06Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews, Claire. Once Clarence, went through a sex change, shares their story.

14:12Copy video clip URL Dr. Robert Rhamy, Urologist at Vanderbilt Hospital is interviewed. Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Surgeons are all involved in the processes. 

16:22Copy video clip URL The process is long and expensive. Few are selected from those applicants for sex change procedures.

19:01Copy video clip URL Carol Marin and Claire discuss documents. What she has been able to change and what not.

20:50Copy video clip URL [End of Tape].



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