[First Impressions: Rehearsal]

Footage of a rehearsal at the Denver drag bar, filmed for the documentary First Impressions.

00:11Copy video clip URL Camera set-up. The performer explains “We’re rehearsing. We’re being videotaped, interviewed.” He discusses needing photographs of the performers to send to a club in Salt Lake City with a photographer. 

01:34Copy video clip URL The performers sitting around, chatting. The owner talks about Doug, his lover, who performs in the show. They read the local gay newspaper and comment on it. 

04:11Copy video clip URL Discussion of upcoming shows in Salt Lake City and other scheduled shows in Denver and elsewhere. 

 06:30Copy video clip URL Chatting about costuming and other preparations for shows, including possible casting choices. They start painting their nails. 

09:20Copy video clip URL Talking with a new performer about his role and getting made up for the show. He’s reluctant to trim his beard because, he says, he has “a fat face.” 

10:35Copy video clip URL Trying to make the club “a really nice place” that’s nicer and a bit more formal, which requires “total professionalism at all times” from the employees. 

12:23Copy video clip URL Preparing the new performer for comedy routines with Allan Sherman and Firesign Theatre albums. 

12:49Copy video clip URL Rehearsal. The owner teaches the performers the dance routine. 

16:27Copy video clip URL A run-through of the routine, set to “The Best Disco in Town” by The Ritchie Family. Sound cuts out mid-song. 

19:20Copy video clip URL Running through the dance routine again. No sound. 

21:56Copy video clip URL Sound returns. They rehearse a routine to “Big Spender” from the soundtrack to the film Sweet Charity

25:46Copy video clip URL The owner sits backstage at his mirror, getting ready for the show. He starts to discuss his make-up. 



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