Return to Studs’ Place

Studs Terkel, in character, goes back to the set of Studs' Place to reminisce, joined by the former cast. A clip from a vintage Studs' Place episode is also included in the program.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with color bars and tone.

00:37Copy video clip URL Countdown.

00:52Copy video clip URL Fade into a shot of a sign that reads, “Studs’ Place.” The camera slowly pans to the left as it makes its way into the old set of the program. Terkel is seen walking onto the set from the main entrance. In character, he takes the viewer through the old restaurant and fondly recalls his time spent on the show with the other members of the cast. Terkel talks about some the guests he and the cast had on past episodes. Terkel specifically recounts a time in which he received a few speech lessons at the restaurant, which leads to an archival clip.

05:13Copy video clip URL Fade to black. Shortly afterwards, a clip from the episode in which Studs receives vocal lessons rolls. The speech therapist, Mrs. Mertle, and Studs are practicing a few different vocal techniques. Chet Roble, Win Stracke, and Beverly Younger all watch as Terkel receives the lesson. A television star eventually makes his way into the restaurant to talk with Studs about a possible spot on his program. What unfolds is a rather amusing turn of events that ruins Studs’ chances of gaining a spot on the television program.

16:59Copy video clip URL Fade back into Terkel at the vacated restaurant once again. He recounts his time spent on the show as the various cast members arrive and reminisce with Terkel. Both Chet Roble and Win Stracke perform a song. The four eventually make their way out of the restaurant for the final time due to its impending demolition.

26:53Copy video clip URL Terkel closes out the show with the signature line, “As we used to say, this program came to you from Chicago.” The camera pans down to the menu sitting on one of the tables as the show comes to a close. The credits eventually begin to roll.

29:24Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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