Revolutionary Video

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. Chuck Olin explains how camcorder video played an integral part in uniting the Czech people in a successful revolution.

0:00Copy video clip URL “In Czechoslovakia, after a night of violence, the Original Video Journal served as a rallying force in the exploding revolution. Underground until November 17, 1989, the Journal recorded the events on the streets of Prague. They played them back on monitors in key locations.”

0:35Copy video clip URL The video shows people in the streets stopped to watch video monitors playing from apartment and shop windows.

0:56Copy video clip URL “The more that people saw of the revolution, the harder it was for the government to stop it. At this meeting of coal miners 100km north of Prague, students brought their own VCR and tape, and showed the miners things they couldn’t possibly have known about before. It was through TV, underground revolutionary video, that the Czech revolution was brought to its own people.”



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